For the Well-being and Performance of Your Horses

Ever wonder why so many boarding stables, breeding farms, and veterinarians in Europe are equipped with a horse solarium?

More than 40 years ago veterinarians and breeders recognized the powerful healing and well-being effects of the light therapy that equine solariums provide.

Nowadays, most performance horses spend a significant amount time in a horse stall with limited or no access to sunlight, causing Vitamin D deficiency.  The use of an equine solarium provides a valuable source of Vitamin D, which is essential for joint and bone health and fertility.

Additionally, infrared lamps generate heat radiation to improve the blood circulation in the horse’s muscles. The heat of the infrared lamps promotes muscle elasticity and can be used for regeneration after training exercises or competitions. It stimulates the recovery of your horse.

What are the elements of a horse solarium?

– White UV lamps

We are often asked if the white lamps in the horse solarium can be replaced by InfraRed lamps.
Yes, you could replace the white lamps with the red ones, but if you know what the white ultraviolet lamps are useful for, you will certainly leave them in the horse solarium. Ultraviolet radiation (white lamps) promotes growth and is involved in the formation of vitamin D, whose best-known function is its involvement in bone metabolism. In addition, ultraviolet rays strengthen the immune system, the body’s own defense substances are activated and thus increase immunity against infectious diseases. Furthermore, ultraviolet rays have a disinfecting effect against bacteria, germs and viruses, so that wounds heal quickly. In addition, the circulation is stabilized and there is a general increase in performance. For happy and healthy horses.

– InfraRed Lamps

Red equine light therapy improves the horses’ muscle elasticity, therefore helping to prevent and recover from injuries. The Infrared light further increases the rate in which the horse’s muscles can absorb blood sugars and expel lactic acids.

 Motorized Lift
Individually adjustable! The quiet lifting and lowering device allows you to optimize the distance between the horse solarium and horse’s back. We recommend 20-25 inches from the horizontal housing center to the horse’s back. In wash stalls and tack up areas, you can simply raise the horse solarium to have enough space for washing and saddling. The lifting and lowering device is equipped with belts (like in a car), a fall load brake and end switch adjustment and can be used for all models of the Warendorf Equine Solarium Systems.

What is the minimum power output an equine solarium should produce?

The higher the power output, the higher the therapeutic effect on the horses’ muscles and tissues. We recommend a horse solarium with a power output of 5,000 watts or more.

When should I use a solarium?

Any horse can benefit from light therapy before and after training exercises.  With only a few minutes under the horse solarium before your ride, you can loosen up the muscles to shorten the warm up time under saddle.  After your training session, using a solarium helps the muscles recover quicker and the drying time is minimized.

Where can I install a horse solarium?

You can install the solarium in wash stalls and tacking bay areas.

What is the best time to treat my horse under the horse solarium?

Your horse will benefit from the solarium both before and after a training session. You can warm up the muscle elasticity before riding and help recovery from exercise after the work.

Did you know…

That the heat shower of the horse solarium saves you drying time? Three high-performance fans draw fresh air into the housing and compress it with the heat from the radiators.  This warm air is discharged at the spotlight openings and intensifies the radiant warmth to the horse and makes the coat dry faster.

Did you know…

That the ideal distance between the horse’s back and the horizontal center of the Warendorf equine solarium should be 2 feet?

Did you know…

That the red bulbs in a horse solarium are InfraRed lamps, which produce heat that penetrates the skin and into the underlying muscle. The heat generates increased blood flow, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

Did you know…

That the white bulbs in the Warendorf equine solarium are ultraviolet lamps simulating sunlight. Horses, just like humans, need sunlight for general well-being and Vitamin D production.

Sunlight makes horses healthy and happy!

Want to learn more about our solariums?

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