For the Well-being and Performance of Your Horses

Ever wonder why so many boarding stables, breeding farms, and veterinarians in Europe are equipped with a horse solarium?

More than 40 years ago veterinarians and breeders recognized the powerful healing and well-being effects of the light therapy that equine solariums provide.

Nowadays, most performance horses spend a significant amount time in a horse stall with limited or no access to sunlight, causing Vitamin D deficiency.  The use of an equine solarium provides a valuable source of Vitamin D, which is essential for joint and bone health and fertility.

Additionally, infrared lamps generate heat radiation to improve the blood circulation in the horse’s muscles. The heat of the infrared lamps promotes muscle elasticity and can be used for regeneration after training exercises or competitions. It stimulates the recovery of your horse.

What are the elements of a horse solarium?

A powerful and effective horse solarium consists of several Infrared and UV bulbs producing artificial sunlight and heat.

What is the minimum power output an equine solarium should produce?

The higher the power output, the higher the therapeutic effect on the horses’ muscles and tissues. We recommend a horse solarium with a power output of 5,000 watts or more.

When should I use a solarium?

Any horse can benefit from light therapy before and after training exercises.  With only a few minutes under the horse solarium before your ride, you can loosen up the muscles to shorten the warm up time under saddle.  After your training session, using a solarium helps the muscles recover quicker and the drying time is minimized.

Where can I install a horse solarium?

You can install the solarium in wash stalls and tacking bay areas.

Want to learn more about our solariums?

If you would like to learn more about choosing the right horse solarium please get in touch with us or visit our solarium home page.

Alternatively, for a better look at how horse solariums work, head on over to our YouTube channel.

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