Advantages of the Warendorfer Horse Solarium

The rays of heat penetrate into the muscular tissue and tendons and help stimulate the blood circulation, resulting in quicker healing time after injuries

Pre-exercise warm-up under the Solarium

Speeds up drying time after exercise and bathing

Enhanced natural production of vitamin D3

Faster decomposition of lactic acid and enhanced metabolism

Perfect for installation in wash stalls or grooming areas

Warendorf Horse Solarium

Experience the Healing Power of Sunlight

Light therapy has been shown in over 40 years of independent research worldwide to deliver powerful therapeutic benefits to muscles and soft tissue. Both, InfraRed and UV lights have been shown to affect at least 24 different positive changes at a cellular level. These results have been widely studied and published. Light therapy delivers a significant reduction in inflammation and increased amount of new muscle and collagen fibers. The effect is similar to a horse being out in a field and enjoying warm sunshine, promoting health and performance; it strengthens vital functions and the immune system.

As with humans, this treatment provides a valuable source of vitamin D, which is essential for joint and bone health and helps the body to absorb calcium. The horse solarium can be a useful way to complement the natural healing of a horse that has suffered abrasions or, perhaps, a sore back.

Nearly all barns throughout cold climate countries in Europe take advantage of the Solarium treatment before and after riding to loosen up the muscles. In addition to their therapeutic use, the equine solarium can also be used to dry horses after exercise and bathing.

Warendorf Solariums are the strongest equine solariums on the market, with the highest power output. You have the option to expand the horse solarium system with more elements at any point. Simply start with one solarium element and upgrade to two or three elements according to your needs.

Customizing the Warendorf Horse Solarium: We offer custom coloring to match your barn colors.

Power is not necessarily related to size. As such the basic horse solarium, the STANDARD I-S, features powerful infrared radiant heat.

  • 1 Polyester-housing
  • Power Output 2,600 Watts
  • 8 IR-bulbs ea. 250 watt
  • 2 UV-bulbs ea. 300 watt
  • Control box with timer
  • Chain suspension
  • Optional ‘motorized lift’
  • Optional ‘Air fans’

STANDARD I-S with all accessories

horse solarium models

The model STANDARD II-S is an ideal multi-purpose equine solarium. Two powerful elements ensure uniform and intensive infrared radiant heat.

  • 2 Polyester-housings
  • Power Output 5,200 Watts
  • 16 IR-bulbs ea. 250 watt
  • 4 UV-bulbs ea. 300 watt
  • Control box with timer a
  • Chain suspension
  • Optional motorized lift
  • Optional ‘Air fans’

STANDARD II-S with all accessories

Tilting side elements are fully adjustable in angle, allowing to control exactly how and where to apply heat to the needs of each horse.

  • 3 Polyester-housings
  • Motorized swivelling feature – outside panels (60°)
  • Power Output 7,800 Watt
  • 24 IR-bulbs ea. 250 watt
  • 6 UV-bulbs ea. 300 watt
  • Control box with timer
  • Chain suspension
  • Optional motorized lift
  • Optional ‘ Air fans’

LUXUS-S with all accessories